How do I install Lockitron Bolt?

We recommend reviewing the installation video or installation manual before getting started.

A Note on Alignment

The most successful Lockitron Bolt installation will happen when you can easily lock and unlock your door by hand without having to push or shove your door first. There a number of quick fixes that can improve your Bolt experience immensely. Here are some common fixes:

  • Ensure that your door hinges are fully screwed into place
  • Use a metal file to remove extra material on the strike plate
  • Move the strike plate for your door's latch if you have a lot of weather stripping; this can hold the door closed more tightly ensuring Lockitron's latch doesn't stick when extending
  • Take a look at  Lockitron is having trouble turning my deadbolt for pointers and an instructional video about adjusting your door if you have trouble.


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