Sense is triggering unexpectedly or not at all

If you're having trouble with Sense there are a number of steps you can take. Keep in mind that there are three tiers of Sense: Notifications, Tap to Unlock and Proximity Unlock (see  How does Sense work for more information on each tier of Sense) . If your door unlocks unexpectedly, we recommend turning off Proximity Unlock in favor of Notifications.

Seen will not function if another smartphone or Bridge is connected to the lock. Because of geofence protection, you will need to leave your home first before Sense will trigger again. Typically this means going at least 1-2 kilometers (or about a mile) away from your home. Once you have left, Sense will know that it should trigger again when you return home.

Calibrate Location

Sense works by triggering an unlock command once you return home. If the location of the lock is not calibrated correctly, then you may never receive a notification. To calibrate location the owner of the lock needs to load the Settings page for the lock. Then, while at the correct location they should opt to calibrate location.

Adjust the Sense Radius

If Sense is triggering multiple times while you're at home, then you should increase the Sense radius. A number of Android handsets can experience significant geolocation drift which can cause this issue. If expanding the radius does not resolve it we recommend disabling Sense Proximity Unlock in favor of Notifications.

Enable Eager Connection

Eager Connection will prevent the app from verifying that you are approaching your door via ranging techniques before connecting to unlock. In some scenarios, it may take too long with these ranging functions enabled to connect, in which case enabling Eager Connection can help. Eager Connection will only impact the Proximity Unlock mode of Sense.

Ensure Lockitron is Allowed to Run in the Background

The Lockitron app needs to be allowed to run in the background as well as carry out geolocation and Bluetooth actions in the background. If permission for these actions is not granted when you install the app you will prevent Sense from working. Force killing the app will also prevent Sense from triggering.

Keep WiFi On

The WiFi on your phone can significantly aid in the geofencing that Lockitron uses to detect whether or not it's safe to carry out a Sense command. We recommend you keep WiFi enabled at all times for the best performance.

Phone Models and Low Power

Even will all permissions are available in the background, certain models of Android will have trouble carrying out Sense due to non-standard implementations of Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0). Android Marshmallow's Snooze function may disable important Bluetooth and geolocation functionality required for Lockitron. Additionally, iOS's Low Power Mode may impact the geofences required to trigger Sense.


Certain scenarios can prevent Lockitron Bolt from connecting properly to carry out a Sense action. These include poor Bluetooth performance due to all metal doors, no windows near a door or metal construction. We're working to continually improve Sense functionality in these scenarios both through app and firmware updates.

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