Bridge is having trouble connecting to my WiFi network

Bridge connects to your WiFi network using a process called BlinkUp. Below we've included step by step instructions to enroll Bridge onto your WiFi network.


  1. Plug Bridge in - you should see an orange blinking LED
  2. Load the Lockitron iOS or Android app
  3. Tap "New Lockitron" from the dashboard on the left
  4. Tap "Manul Setup" on the New Device page
  5. Type in the Bridge serial number found on the bottom side. This should be two words and a number.
  6. Enter your WiFi network name and password; keep in mind that Bridge can only connect to 2.4ghz networks
  7. Accept the BlinkUp process and face your phone's screen towards the window on the bottom of the device
  8. Your phone should within 0-5mm of touching the bottom of the device during BlinkUp

Once BlinkUp completes the LED should momentarily turn solid green, then blink green for a few minutes. It will then turn off. 

After 30-180 seconds of being connected, Bridge should discover your Lockitron at which point you can send remote commands. You can test this by turning off Bluetooth on your phone, restarting the app and seeing if you can send a command. If Bridge is connected and accepting commands you should see a small WiFi icon in the bottom right of the screen.


If BlinkUp is failing, here are a few steps to try:

  • If you are on iOS, force quit and restart the app, then try again
  • Ensure you initiate BlinkUp within one minute of powering up the Bridge device
  • Carry out BlinkUp in a dark location, such as under a table. Keep in mind that even a light on the table above can create issues with BlinkUp
  • Ensure the network you are connecting to is 2.4ghz
  • Restart your WiFi router prior to attempting BlinkUp
  • Try another mobile device
  • Try connecting to another WiFi network
  • Clear the WiFi information from the Bridge via the Support page and tap "Clear WiFi Settings"
  • Review the Electric Imp BlinkUp Troubleshooting guide which has information what the LED colors and patterns indicate
  • Review our BlinkUp troubleshooting video for the Crowdfunded Lockitron. While the device is different, you can see how the BlinkUp process uses light to convey the WiFi information.

Additional Tips

When Bridge is actively connected to your Lockitron while sending a command blue LED will illuminate (visible through the window on the bottom of the Bridge). If Bridge is repeatedly failing to carry out a command, we recommend moving it closer to Lockitron. The optimal range between Bridge and Lockitron Bolt is 5-15 feet.

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