How do I update the firmware on Lockitron?

From time to time we release firmware updates to Lockitron in order to fix bugs as well as add new functionality. When a new firmware update is released, Lockitron owners are notified via email of it's availability.

To update, head to the Settings tab in the iOS or Android mobile app and locate Update Firmware. Due to delays in syncing your firmware version with the app, you may see a dialog indicating that your firmware is up to date. If you just received a message to update your firmware, opt to continue past this message. You'll then be walked through the steps required to update firmware.

On units with older versions of firmware you many need to manually put the device into firmware update mode.To do this:

  • Go to the firmware update section in the app and opt to update firmware
  • Remove a battery on the unit
  • Press and hold the left button under the battery cover
  • Replace the battery
  • Release the left button

If the device correctly boots into update mode you shouldn't hear the startup music. You should then tap the "Update" button.

Once the device updates you can see the firmware version number increment under the Settings tab. To learn more about the improvements contained in each firmware release, head to the  Firmware Releases category in Lockitron Community.

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