Bridge is disconnecting frequently or showing as offline

If your Bridge is disconnecting from Bolt frequently or showing as offline, there are several potential causes. We typically don't recommend resetting Bridge if the WiFi LED blinks green several times after you reboot the unit.

  1. Bridge is too close to your WiFi router or extender: If Bridge is too close to your WiFi router the antenna may become saturated with signals and causing connectivity problems. This is the case if the WiFi RSSI shown on the Bridge Diagnostics page in the Lockitron app is in the -10 to -30db range.
  2. Lockitron Bolt needs to be rebooted: rarely there may be an error on Lockitron Bolt which causes it to be mis-identified by Bridge. While you may still be able to connect via smartphone, Bridge might have trouble. Removing, waiting three seconds, then replacing a battery on Bolt will reboot the unit.
  3. The micro USB power cable is failing: it's possible that the micro USB power adapter or cable included with Bridge is failing. To test this you can borrow another micro USB charger and cable from a device like a portable charger, smartphone or mini speaker. Any micro USB power adapter rated for 500mA should work with the first generation Bridge, however, we recommend a 1,000mA supply if available.

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