How do I install the crowdfunded Lockitron? (Crowdfunded)

This support page is only applicable to the crowdfunded Lockitron.

To get started with Lockitron, first download our   iPhone or Android app, and follow the in-app Lockitron setup flow. Please note that you need one of those apps to setup Lockitron. If you're having trouble installing Lockitron, take a look at our troubleshooting section.

We recommend taking a look at the Lockitron install video for reference, included below. You can also download the   quick setup guide for more help.

After setting up Lockitron on your WiFi network, loosen the two screws on your deadbolt and slide in the C-Plate. If the C-Plate doesn't fit due to an obstruction, you many need to take a look at our alternative mounting methods. 

Follow the green guides on the C-Plate example below to line up your deadbolt correct grooves. If you have neither a Schlage or Kwikset deadbolt, you'll have to center your C-Plate manually.


Once aligned, tighten the C-Plate into place. Holding Lockitron tilted counter-clockwise roughly 45 degrees, fit the unit to the teeth on the C-Plate. Locktiron should fit easily over these teeth - make sure not to force Lockitron as this might cause one or both of the teeth to bend. Then twist Lockitron into place.

Turn the orange top ring all the way to the right. Then, turn your deadbolt's knob all of the way to the right. Install the rubber insert - depending on the type of lock you have, you may want to install the rubber insert with the arrow facing up or down. In the case of the Schalge Tapered Deadbolt, we recommend installing the rubber insert with the arrow facing down. If you have a long or odd sized knob that the rubber insert has trouble fitting over, you may need to trim off excess material.

Turn Lockitron by hand. Lockitron should add little or no resistance to turning your deadbolt. If you sense resistance, you may need to re-align the C-Plate or trim the rubber insert.

Install the Lockitron faceplate noting that the word "Lockitron" should be right-side up and the foam pad should be at the top on the inside of the faceplate. Align the knob on your faceplate with the direction with the knob on your door.

Press the button on the side of Lockitron to verify that it successfully locks and unlocks, then test from your smartphone. If Lockitron doesn't respond to commands from your phone the first time, try removing and replacing a battery to reboot the unit.

Having trouble? Please contact, and we'd love to help you out!

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