Lockitron isn't locking or unlocking when sent a command

Lockitron Bolt

Lockitron Bolt requires that you are within 5-15 feet in order to control it via Bluetooth Low Energy. If you have the optional Bridge device you can control Bolt remotely.

When you are out of range from Lockitron Bolt you will see a message indicating that the app is "Attempting to Connect" to Lockitron Bolt. If you see this message even when you're close to Bolt, try tapping on the dashboard icon in the top left of the app, then tapping on the name of the Lockitron you wish to connect to.

If Lockitron Bolt connects via Bluetooth but still does not lock or unlock when you send a command, the batteries may be low.

If Lockitron Bolt appears to be struggling to turn when your door is open and you've verified the batteries are fresh, it's possible that the mounting screws are too tight. These two screws, located under the battery cover, should be loosened slowly until Lockitron Bolt turns easily. See the related articles below on information on adjusting your Lockitron Bolt if it's having trouble turning.

Crowdfunded Lockitron

If your crowdfunded Lockitron isn't responding to commands, try controlling Lockitron from the  Dashboard to verify that the Lockitron mobile app is working properly. On iOS devices with Bluetooth Low Energy, Lockitron should directly connected upon opening the app. If this isn't the case, you may need to request a firmware update at support@lockitron.com.

Lockitron will sleep its WiFi connection to conserve power. If Lockitron is asleep, it should wake up after being knocked. If Lockitron isn't responding after being sent a command and knocked, this may indicate that it is having issues connecting to your WiFi network. To verify, make sure that Bluetooth Low Energy is turned off on your mobile phone and attempt to send a command through. 

If upon knocking you see the WiFi LED continuously blink orange and/or red but not green then Lockitron is having trouble connecting to your network. If Lockitron connected to your network successfully during set up then this likely indicates that Lockitron is either too far (or in some instances, too close) to your WiFi router. Try removing Lockitron from your door and sending command to it at a different distance from your router. You may also reboot Lockitron by removing one battery and replacing it.

Legacy Lockitrons

If your Lockitron isn't consistently responding to your commands, the first step in diagnosing it is by using the "Lock" and "Unlock" buttons on the "Locks" tab of your dashboard. Click on one of the buttons to test the Lockitron - if the button flashes red after you click on it ( But my button flashes green!), then your Lockitron is down. The most likely cause for this is that the Lockitron has been unplugged from a power source or its internet source. Check to see that the Lockitron is plugged in by seeing if at least of the lights on the top of the server unit is on or flashing and that one or both of the lights next to the ethernet jack are flashing.

If the Lockitron is fully powered up and plugged into a working internet connection, yet the button still flashes red after clicking the "Lock" or "Unlock" buttons, then your should try unplugging the server from power briefly, then plugging it back in. Then repeat the above steps. If after all of this Lockitron still isn't working for you, we recommend that you contact us and we can check it out from our end! 

My buttons flash green, but it still doesn't work!

If your "Lock" and "Unlock" buttons in the control panel flash green, but your Lockitron still does not respond, then your Lockitron base station has been placed too far away from your door. In cases where your door is metal or the door lock is in an area of heavy interference - i.e. next to radio towers or ball parks - you might have to place the transmitter that is plugged into the server unit immediately across the door frame in order to ensure reliable transmission. 

If you have placed the transmitter right next to the Lockitron deadbolt and it still doesn't function then please contact us - it is possible that there is a software misconfiguration or that you are experiencing a hardware failure.

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