Lockitron is not responding to the app or button

Lockitron Bolt

Lockitron Bolt does not have a button like the crowdfunded Lockitron. If Lockitron Bolt successfully connects over Bluetooth Low Energy but does not turn, it's likely that the batteries are low. See related articles below for connectivity issues.

Crowdfunded Lockitron

If Lockitron is not responding to commands either sent by the phone or by pressing the button, it is possible that either the batteries have died or Lockitron is updating. If after removing one battery and replacing it the WiFi LED blinks however you do not hear the startup music, Lockitron is updating. Lockitron should finish updating within 15 minutes. You can also initiate update commands manually via the Advanced section of the web dashboard.

If Lockitron doesn't reboot within 15 minutes, repeat the previous step or contact support at  support@lockitron.com.

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