Lockitron isn't connecting to my phone over Bluetooth

Lockitron Bolt

Lockitron Bolt connects directly to your smartphone via the iOS or Android app over Bluetooth Low Energy. Lockitron Bolt can connect to one smartphone at a time - this means that you may see an "Attempting to Connect" message if another user is connected. If connecting to Lockitron Bolt seems to be taking more than several seconds, we recommend trying the following:

  • Tap the dashboard icon in the top left corner of the app, then tap on the name of the Lockitron you wish to connect to. This will restart the Bluetooth connection.
  • Turn off your Bluetooth radio, then re-enable.
  • Force kill and restart the Lockitron app.
  • Restart your smartphone.

When connected over Bluetooth, the iOS and Android apps display a Bluetooth icon in the bottom right corner.

Important Note: Lockitron Bolt can only be connected to one phone at a time via Bluetooth Low Energy. Other phones connected in the background for a Sense action may temporarily block you from connecting. To check if this is the case:

  • Locate all nearby phones that have been invited to your lock
  • Disable Bluetooth on the devices one by one and see if you can connect to Lockitron Bolt

Crowdfunded Lockitron

Lockitron should connect to your device over Bluetooth after set up to your iOS device (iPhone 4S+, iPad 3+, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5G+) or compatible Android device (most devices running Android 4.3+ with Bluetooth Low Energy hardware). In iOS the only indication of this is the system Bluetooth icon in the top right of your device. Unlike traditional Bluetooth (Bluetooth 2.1/Classic) which is typically with headsets and speakers, you do not need to explicitly "pair" with Lockitron to connect. All pairing behavior is handled by the Lockitron app in the background.

When the icon blinks, this indicates your device is attempting to connect. When it turns solid, this indicates Lockitron is connected. If you are connected to any other Bluetooth devices at the time including headsets or fitness trackers, the Bluetooth icon may already be solid and you may need to disconnect from these devices first via the Bluetooth system dialog in order to confirm Lockitron is connected.

If your Bluetooth icon flickers but does not maintain a connection to Lockitron while the app is in the foreground and the desired lock is selected, this may indicate that you are at the outer range of Lockitron's Bluetooth connectivity. If you are within a few feet, try selecting the dashboard, then selecting your Lockitron again. This will restart the app's scanning mode and should successfully reconnect you to Lockitron.

If your device doesn't seem to be connecting to Lockitron via Bluetooth, there are a few things to try:

  • Remove a battery from Lockitron and wait three seconds. Replace the battery and see if the app connects.
  • Force restart the app by double clicking the home button and swiping the app off the screen (iOS 7+) or tapping the mini "x" next to the icon (iOS 6).
  • Make sure that no other phone that has been invited to that lock has its Lockitron app open at the same time.
  • Restart your iOS or Android device completely.
  • Download a free Bluetooth diagnostic app, either LightBlue on iOS or BLE Scanner on Android, and see if you detect a device that's named "20000c2a690...", "69..." or has a MAC address starting with "00:07...".
  • Update Lockitron's AVR (main) or Bluetooth firmware by heading to the Settings tab for your Lockitron on the web dashboard. Under the Advanced section you can send a request to reflash either of the firmware images. If you don't see a device advertising via Bluetooth at all, we recommend reflashing the Bluetooth firmware.

If none of these solutions help, reach out to  support@lockitron.com and we would be happy to take a look.

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