How do I invite additional people to my Lockitron?

Lockitron allows you to invite as many family, friends and colleagues as needed on a temporary or permanent basis. If you are a Lockitron owner or administrator on a Lockitron unit, you can invite guests. Invites can be initiated through either the Lockitron website, Android app or iOS app.

Invites can be sent to users either via email or text message (SMS) - inviting users to set up an account is included with every Lockitron and independent from our "Text Message Access" premium feature.
In the Android and iOS apps, tap the icon in the top right corner, then tap Users. From here you can manage existing users or invite new users by tapping "Add New User". To get started, either select a contact or type in the email address or phone number of the user you would like to invite. From there you will be prompted to suggest a name for the user*. You can also add a start and end date if you would only like the user to have access for a set period of time. 
If both an email address and phone number are entered through the Android or iOS apps, the user will receive both an email and text message inviting them to create their account. They can activate their account using either of the two links.
If a user didn't receive an email invitation, make sure to have them check their spam filter. Alternatively, have them head to to request a forgot password request which will send them a new activation token.

The email sent by Lockitron to invite new users will look like this: 

Welcome to Lockitron! 

You have been invited as a guest on's Lockitron - please activate your account. Once you have activated your account, you can head to on your smartphone to access your key on the go. This invitation to activate your account will expire in one week. 


The Lockitron Team 

Sent from's Lockitron 

Upon clicking on the "please activate your account" link, the user will be prompted to enter their email address, name and their desired password. They will then be directed to their dashboard - if the key was for a set period of time and it has not yet become valid, then the user will see the following message: 

This key is no longer valid.
If you require access, please contact the owner of this lock to change this key 

*Note that the name you enter for a user is only a suggested name - once the user accepts the invitation and activates their account they may change their name, phone number and email address as needed and these changes will show up in your user list.

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