Lockitron rotates before I install it and plays an error song

Lockitron Bolt

This indicates that Lockitron Bolt's batteries or low - make sure to replace Bolt's batteries as soon as possible.

Crowdfunded Lockitron

If before you install your Lockitron continuously spins or seems to spin for a long time, then plays an error message, the state detection switches on your unit may be misaligned or may have failed. If this seems to be the case, please send a quick video of the problem to  support@lockitron.com and we would be happy to help; in most cases this means the switches need to be adjusted or the unit needs to be replaced.

If you would like to adjust the state detection switches yourself, there are a few simple steps. Take a look at  https://www.youtube.com/embed/JDR_1tmnpic for a quick video overview and the steps below:

  • Remove the battery box by taking out the two screws at the bottom (you can use the included screwdriver to do this)
  • Carefully rotate the battery box to the right (clockwise) and above the unit without applying too much pull to the at the wires that connect it to the circuit board
  • To the bottom left you will find two banks of switches; if the unit rotates continuously then the two bottom switches (those in contact with the black ring) are the culprit
  • Starting with the bank on the right, loosen the screw to the point at which you can twist the switches.
  • Tilt the switches clockwise around the post such that the armature (the metal part of the switch) makes more contact with the black ring
  • Hold the switch in this tilted position while tightening down.
  • Repeat with the left bank noting that you should twist them counter-clockwise.
  • Replace the battery box (make sure not to over tighten the screws as they can easily be stripped)
  • Replace the batteries; if Lockitron still continuously spins or plays the error message then the unit likely needs to be replaced and you should contact support@lockitron.com

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