What batteries should I use in Lockitron?

We recommend that you use fresh brand name Alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries. Specific batteries that should work well include Energizer MAX batteries, Duracells as well as branded batteries by retailers like Frys and Kirkland. 

We recommend avoiding generic brand batteries, batteries that list "Heavy Duty" or rechargeable batteries. While high quality rechargeable batteries may last for several of cycles, their ability to deliver sufficient current to drive Lockitron drops off significantly after 3-4 cycles.

Rechargeable batteries may trigger Lockitron's low battery logic which will play additional beeps when locking and unlocking.

A Note for the Crowdfunded Lockitron

Lithium batteries, like Energizer Ultimate Lithiums, may cause trouble for Lockitron's Power Control algorithm when fresh out of the package. We recommend disabling the Power Control setting if Lockitron appears to turn slowly or "buzz".

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