How do I use text message (SMS) access?

If you would like to invite guests who do not have smartphones to access your lock, you can set up text message access for $5 a month - this fee is only paid by the owner of the lock once, not by any guests using the lock. Please note that if you're using text message access with Lockitron Bolt that you'll need a connected Bridge as well.

To add text message access, click on the "Settings" link in your dashboard and enter in your phone number in the field next to the label "Phone Number" - once you hit the submit button your phone number will be saved (unless it has been used on another account).  

Next, fill out your credit card information in the gold colored "Billing" section below. Once successfully submitted, you can click on the "Add SMS access for only $5 a month" button. This will send you will a text message welcoming you to Lockitron via text message. You will be issued a pin code which you should prefix to any command (i.e. 1234 U to unlock your door). You can change the pin code via the dashboard in the field next to the label "SMS Pin" - note that pin codes are not case sensitive.

Text message commands

There are several things that you as an owner can now do purely by text message - you can lock or unlock your door ( 1234 L or 1234 U), invite guests (1234 (415)-555-5555), remove guests (1234 delete (415)-555-5555) as well as change your pin (1234 rekey 5M78). Pin codes may be made up of numbers or letters. The pin code assigned to your phone will not work on another phone with a different telephone number. 

You can get a list of these commands by entering your pin code followed by "command" i.e.  1234 command. Note that guests invited by text message are granted keys that don't expire, so you should delete them when they leave or grant them the key via your dashboard on the website instead, where you can set a start and end time to the key. 

When granted a key, a guest will receive a text message with a pre-generated pin code and instructions on how to operate your Lockitron. The text message will read as follows: 

Welcome to's Lockitron. Reply with 1234 (your pin) followed by L to lock or U to unlock (not case sensitive). If the guest replies to the message with a U, your Lockitron will unlock.

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