How do I calibrate Lockitron for my deadbolt? (Crowdfunded)

This support page is only applicable to the crowdfunded Lockitron. See related articles below for information on adjusting Lockitron Bolt if it's having trouble turning your lock.

Out of the box Lockitron is calibrated to work with most Schlage deadbolts as well as deadbolts which only turn 90 degrees to fully lock and unlock. Other brands of deadbolts, like older Kwikset and Weiser models, may require Lockitron to turn a bit further to fully lock or unlock.

First, head to the settings page and verify that your batteries aren't low. If your battery voltage is below 5.5v we recommend starting with a fresh set of batteries. Next, review to ensure that your Lockitron isn't having trouble turn due to another issue. If you have a Schlage lock and it's not turning far enough, it's likely that your C-Plate needs to be re-aligned. If you have a Kwikset lock this calibration page should help, however, it might also help to trim your rubber insert.

The best way to confirm that Lockitron is properly aligned is by turning your lock by hand and key after installing the unit. Lockitron should add little to no resistance; if that's the case and Lockitron is having trouble turning your lock or won't turn far enough, then the calibrate page should help.

To get to the Lockitron calibrate page, head to the  web dashboard. Select the Lockitron you would like to calibrate (if you only have one Lockitron it will load automatically). Select the "Settings" tab, then press "Calibrate Lockitron".

Here's what the page does - based on the sliders, we will up the amount of power your Lockitron turns with. You can manually adjust Lockitron's settings by slowly incrementing how far it turns or how much power it uses with the slider controls.

Lastly - nearly all locks that have trouble turning far enough should only need to be "overturned" by 1-2 steps. If after having Lockitron "overturn" more once or twice, consider heading to the next step to up the power to Lockitron rather than continuing to overturn Lockitron further.

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