What is Lockitron's firmware version? (Crowdfunded)

This support page is only applicable to the crowdfunded Lockitron.

Every Lockitron is comprised of a number pieces of software which interact with each other so that you can control Lockitron via WiFi, Bluetooth as well as receive activity notifications. The firmware on Lockitron is similar to the operating system on your smartphone or desktop computer. This software is referred to as "firmware".

Lockitron has several firmware components which control discrete functions like WiFi, Bluetooth and locking & unlocking. The main firmware component lives on Lockitron's ATMega microcontroller and is updated the most frequently. The firmware version listed on the Settings page for your Lockitron in your web dashboard reflects the firmware located on this microcontroller.

All Lockitrons are automatically updated for major firmware updates. Minor updates may note be mandatory as they may test new functionality and bug fixes before they are ready for full deployment.

For more information on what major and minor releases of firmware contain,  head to the Lockitron community.

While updating firmware, Lockitron will become unresponsive. The iOS and Android apps will reflect this with update screens that indicate what percentage of the update is completed. Updates typically take 1-3 minutes to complete after a device connects to WiFi.

Updates to the Bluetooth firmware (which is rarely changed in production) take 5-15 minutes to complete after a device connects to WiFi and are prone to error if your Lockitron has trouble remaining on WiFi. Bluetooth firmware updates are not assigned public version numbers.

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