Lockitron makes a buzzing noise or turns slowly (Crowdfunded)

This support page is only applicable to the crowdfunded Lockitron. See related articles below if Lockitron Bolt is having trouble turning.

There are a couple of reasons why Lockitron might turn slowly or create a high pitched buzzing noise.

If you've just received Lockitron for the first time this likely indicates one of the calibration settings in the factory was improperly set. Reach out to  support@lockitron.com where we can help adjust the power settings on your Lockitron so it turns as expected.

Alternatively, if Lockitron has successfully worked for you in the past, take a look at the battery voltage on your Lockitron. Lockitron owners can find this information on the settings page for their Lockitron via the  web dashboard under "Advanced". A battery voltage below 5.1v for Lithium batteries or 4.8v for Alkaline batteries would potentially cause this. Even if the voltage reported here is higher, it's possible that your batteries are low and that the voltage rebounded after a period of inactivity (this is typical with Lithium batteries), so we recommend testing with fresh batteries.

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