Lockitron is unexpectedly disconnecting from WiFi (Crowdfunded)

This support page is only applicable to the crowdfunded Lockitron.

If you note in your activity logs that your Lockitron has "unexpectedly disconnected" from WiFi, this may indicate that there is an issue with your WiFi network configuration. While a single activity event can be due to low batteries, multiple events typically indicate that Lockitron is consistently having trouble connecting to your network and you should take a few steps to troubleshoot. This may also cause issues when attempting to set up Lockitron for the first time.

First, remove a battery from Lockitron, replace the battery and watch the WiFi LED pattern as Lockitron attempts to reconnect to WiFi. If Lockitron seems to oscillate between red and orange (or merely blink red) for more than 3-10 seconds before turning green, this may indicate it's struggling to connect to your router (more details on the LED codes can be found on the  Electric Imp BlinkUp Troubleshooting page).

A few things to check for poor WiFi connectivity include:

  • A router that is too far from Lockitron (over 50-100 feet, through multiple walls)
  • A router that is too close to Lockitron (under 10-20 feet), notably on the same wall as your door
  • The use of WiFi extenders or repeaters - try unplugging these and seeing if Lockitron responds more consistently
  • The router itself - try rebooting your router
  • Low battery on the Lockitron - see if the behavior continues with a fresh set of batteries (or take a look at the battery voltage on the Settings page for your Lockitron via the web dashboard)

If you have more than a few WiFi connected devices in close proximity to Lockitron as well, this can play a role as well. We recommend changing your WiFi network configuration, then testing Lockitron with the Bluetooth on your phone disabled to ensure all commands are sent via WiFi.

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