How do I connect Lockitron to a new WiFi network or input a new WiFi password?

This support page is only applicable to the crowdfunded Lockitron. Lockitron Bolt only connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy or via the Bridge device.

If you've changed your WiFi network password, moved Lockitron to a new WiFi network or have added a WiFi bridge/extender and need to reset Lockitron's WiFi credentials there are a few simple steps:

1. Head to the "Support" section of the Lockitron mobile app

2. Remove a battery from Lockitron and replace it after three (3) seconds

3. Tap "Clear WiFi Settings" and hold your phone to the top right corner of Lockitron

4. After a moment the WiFi LED should consistently blink orange; if this isn't the case, repeat the above steps

5. Head to the "Setup New Lockitron" page and follow the set up steps to connect Lockitron to WiFi

Your Lockitron will retain all of the guests and users you have invite to it after this process. If you're still having trouble connecting Lockitron to your network, see our linked help documents below. Sometimes it will take multiple attempts to connect Lockitron to WiFi using Android and certain routers or WiFi extenders/bridges can cause trouble.

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