How does Sense work?

Sense allows you to quickly or automatically unlock your door as you return home. You must have a Bluetooth Low Energy enabled Lockitron (such as Lockitron Bolt or the crowdfunded Lockitron) to use this feature. 

Currently Sense is enabled on a device-by-device basis meaning that individual users can enable Sense depending on their preferences. To enable Sense, head to the Settings page of the desired Lockitron.

You can enable Sense in three modes:

  • Notifications - give you a pop up notification when you've returned home and the app has discovered your Lockitron. You can swipe from the right side over on your homescreen when you receive this notification to send an unlock command directly from the notification. If your phone is locked you will be prompted to unlock it first for the command to go through. Sense Notifications will not carry out a command without your explicit interaction.
  • Proximity Unlock - in this mode Sense will automatically unlock your door once you've returned home and reached a certain distance threshold.
  • Tap to Unlock - your phone will buzz when you return home. Simply tap on your phone three times when you feel the buzz; a second buzz will confirm the taps were accepted and your door will unlock. As this feature is still beta we appreciate all feedback at

In all cases you can calibrate the Sense radius; this is the radius you need to leave before Sense is reset after you have left home. Certain Android phones experience significant location drift, so you might want to set a much higher radius (2km+) to ensure that Sense doesn't attempt to trigger. Make sure to calibrate your location (using "Calibrate Location) to the same location as your Lockitron. This is automatically done for you when you set up Lockitron, however, it may be necessary to re-calibrate if you move the lock.

Typically you will need leave your home at a distance of 1km+ in order to reset Sense (this distance can vary based on a number of factors including whether or not you have WiFi enabled on your device).

If you are having trouble connecting to Lockitron via Bluetooth in general, see our other support documentation for more information. 

This feature requires iOS 8 and an iPhone 4S+ or Android 4.3+ and a Bluetooth Low Energy enabled handset. This feature has not been tested on iPads with Bluetooth Low Energy which have different geofencing capabilities based on whether or not they are cellular enabled. Some entry level Android handsets have very poor Bluetooth Low Energy performance and will not work with Sense.

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