How does Bolt compare with the crowdfunded Lockitron?

The crowdfunded Lockitron, on the left, in comparison to Lockitron Bolt, on the right


Lockitron Bolt Crowdfunded Lockitron
Announcement January 2015 October 2012
First Shipments Started May 2015 (Preview Edition), 
Production November 2015
December 2013
Size 1.1" (30mm) deep,
7" (174mm) tall,
2 3/4" (70mm) wide
Knob is 0.7" (17mm) deep
1.55" (40mm) deep,
7" (174mm) tall,
4.1" (105mm) wide.
Knob is 0.5" (12.5mm) deep
Center point of knob 1.2" (35mm) from bottom of unit 
allows ample room for door knob/handles
2.75-3.1" (70-80mm) from bottom of unit
depending on lock,will interfere with
less than 5 1/2" distance door prep
(i.e. 3 3/4" door prep)
Finishes Quicksilver, Modern Gold Obsidian Black
(Studio White, Quicksilver, Bondi Blue not shipped)
Battery Life 6+ months 2-3 months 
Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1
(connects to home network via Bridge)
Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and WiFi*
Knock Sensor No Yes
Sense iOS & Android iOS & Android
Form Factor Replacement Deadbolt with Key Match Fits Over Existing Deadbolt**
API Works with v1 and v2 APIs with Bridge
(near instantaneous commands)
Works with v1 and v2 APIs
(delayed commands based on WiFi sleep)
Bluetooth SDK In Development In Development
Bridge Compatible Yes No
Price $99
(Bridge is additional $79)
Yes Yes
Share Access Yes 
With any iOS or Android BLE-enabled device,
over website with Bridge
With any iOS or Android BLE-enabled device,
requires knock-to-wake in most cases over website
Activity Logs Yes for any events carried out by app, all events
when paired with Bridge.
Yes for all events, WiFi connectivity issues may
preclude some events from being listed.
Notifications Available in iOS and Android apps Available in iOS and Android apps
Native Apps Lockitron iOS and Android Lockitron iOS and Android

*the crowdfunded Lockitron's WiFi connection must sleep on at least a 30 minute interval which means most remote commands will take about 15-30 minutes to complete

**through our existing backers we learned that there are a number of deadbolt styles that require alternative mounting techniques or advanced calibration to turn consistently

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