How does Key Match work?

Lockitron Bolt's Satin Nickel variant shown above.

Lockitron's Key Match™ functionality allows you to keep your current key even though Lockitron Bolt is a full replacement lock. Key Match is an option for the production of Lockitron Bolt where you can choose a matched keyway to your existing keyway. 

Here's how it works:

  • Let us know what kind of lock you would like to Key Match to (we support Schlage out of the box and KW1 or WR5 with more cylinder types on the way)
  • Take Bolt's Key Match cylinder to your local locksmith or home improvement store (such as Ace, Home Depot or Lowes) and your existing key. Most should be able to match the cylinder for $5-15.
  • Remove the single screw holding the cylinder into the cylinder front; slide the Key match cylinder into place and replace screw

What is a keyway?

The keyway is the "cut" or shape of your key when viewed straight on. Common keyways include Schlage and Kwikset variants. We will support the most common and popular keyways found at home improvement stores.  Learn more about keyways.

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